Mutation Submission

According to the HGVS nomenclature, mutation representations of Human F10 follow NCBI's NM_000504.4 (mRNA) and NP_000495.1 (protein) as the reference sequences. In case you have used a different sequence, please mention which one in the above sequence reference text box.

The numbering generally should follow the HGVS format where the A of the ATG of the methionine is +1. If you have followed a different numbering (for e.g., first residue of Gla domain numbered as +1 leaving out the Pre-pro leader peptide), then please indicate it in the above Sequence numbering text box.

If you have a considerable number of variants to submit and would like to submit a spread sheet, please contact us for more information at .

Part 1: Mutation Information

Part 2: Patient Information

Part 3: Reference Information

Part 4: Submitter's Contact Information